Send voice messages to hospital patients without personal devices

Hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 sufferers have been admitted to hospital, often with no access to phones or personal devices. This means no contact with friends and family members.

From palliative care wards to an ICU, WithYou allows a key contact to collect voicemails from a patient’s family and friends and send them on to hospitals for patients to hear at their bedside.

We believe that recovery shouldn’t be in total isolation.

How it works:

Step 1

Sign up to create your secure digital mailbox, unique to your account.

If an account has not already been set up for your friend you can create a new mailbox and select which of our partner hospitals they're currently receiving treatment in. This is so we can send the messages to the dedicated care team there, once you're ready to send.

Step 2

Invite friends and family to start leaving their own messages.

Digital mailboxes have their own unique telephone number and PIN. Each time someone phones and leaves a message, it arrives in your mailbox online. The more people you tell, the more messages you'll collect for your loved one.

Step 3

Once you're happy with the amount of messages you have in your mailbox, hit send.

Your messages arrive in dedicated NHS inboxes as a simple URL, so all the care team has to do is open it on any device connected to the internet and play it to the patient at their bedside.

Services provided by

North Bristol NHS Trust
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Whittington Health NHS Trust

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