How will my friend receive their audio track and how will I know?

At the start of your registration you are able to select which of our partners your friend is admitted at. Once your audio track is complete, hit send and the track’s URL will automatically be emailed to the With You contact at the corresponding partner organisation – their care team will then open this unique URL onto a device and give it to your friend to listen to.

Once the track has been listened to, the account holder will receive a notification.

Key contact

I’ve accidentally deleted a message – what do I do?

Please contact withyou@triggerstuff.co.uk and we will look into whether or not we are able to retrieve the deleted message.

If we are unable to recover the audio then you will need to ask the individual to re-record the message.

Key contact

I have a PIN, but I do not have the telephone number

The telephone number is 0808 196 4418

Friends & Family

I've been told about this site from a friend, how do I record a message?

If you've been told about this site from a friend who has already created a mailbox, you need to ask them to send you an invite to their profile page or if you'd rather use a telephone, ask them for the PIN. Please do not set up a new Account for the patient here, as both Accounts will not be able to be sent. Please contact the person who invited you to contribute and ask them to send you the link or phone number and PIN.

Friends & Family

How is With You different from planned video calls?

Unlike Facetime, Zoom etc, family and friends can make the audio track in their own time. Once it’s ready it can be played to the patient at any time that is convenient for the staff or patient. It cuts time for hospital staff as messages are located in an email box ready to be played. The messages will all play continuously, so once you press play there’s nothing else you need to do.

Healthcare Professionals

Can I re-record my message?

You can always re-record your message whilst you’re on the phone by entering the # key.

If you have already left a message and hung up… Call the number again and leave a new message. Then get back in touch with your With You account holder, to let them know which message to use.

Friends & Family

Is With You the same as WhatsApp and voice mail?

No. With You is an audio service that is for people who can’t use their phones. It compiles all of the audio messages onto one track so that the message is delivered in one sitting.

Healthcare Professionals

Is it free to use

With You is free for hospitals and patients.

Key contact

How long will my voice message be stored for?

Trigger will only store your voice message for 4 months. The audio track will be available to the recipient to listen to for up to 4 months, able to listen to as many times as  they want.

Friends & Family

Do we need to download With You?

No. With You is a web-based service. You just need to have access to a device that uses the internet (like a ward iPad). Messages will come through to a dedicated email account, and then can be played by following a link to be pasted into an internet browser.

Healthcare Professionals

What if I’m too busy to deliver a message during my shift?

With You messages can be delivered to patients’ bedside at any time, so please choose a moment that best suits you. Senders will be notified when messages have been played.

Healthcare Professionals

How do I protect against Patients hearing sensitive or distressing content?

The key contact will have responsibility for moderating the messages. You can listen to the first few seconds to check the volume and the content, if you suspect the key contact is leaving inappropriate messages. If this contains inappropriate content, please refrain from sharing it further, and contact withyou@triggerstuff.co.uk who will take action.

Healthcare Professionals

Can Patients respond to messages?

No. With You is intended to be a unique gift, given from senders to patients – much like
sending a bouquet of flowers to someone who is unwell.

Healthcare Professionals

Are messages confidential?

Yes. Our Privacy Policy is here (https://www.withyou.org.uk/policies/privacy). Please refer
friends and family members to this, if they have questions around the confidentiality of their

Healthcare Professionals

What sort of messages do people leave for Patients?

Loved ones might find it difficult to think of what to say. We suggest a prayer, a poem, a
memory or to simply chat as you might if you were on the ward. On the website, we have an
ideas page that will help them to create their own.

Healthcare Professionals

Is it complicated for people to use?

No. We have designed With You to be really simple to use, for people of all ages and
backgrounds, and for people who don’t have access to the internet.

Healthcare Professionals

We’ve run out of flyers/user packs

Please contact your trust’s With You supporter. You can also contact the makers of With
You, at withyou@triggerstuff.co.uk.

Healthcare Professionals

I have a question that’s not listed here

There is a designated contact point within your Trust, who is responsible for promoting the
service. In the first instance, please direct any queries to them. You can also contact the
developers of With You, at withyou@triggerstuff.co.uk.

Healthcare Professionals
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