Do I need to download anything?


The only thing you need is a device with access to the internet, and access to the designated ward/PALS email address.

Who has access to the voice messages?

With You account holder, who is moderating the audio track Intended recipient A member of the recipient’s care team.

How long will my voice message be stored for?

Trigger will only store your voice message for 4 months. The audio track will be available to the recipient to listen to for up to 4 months, able to listen to as many times as  they want.

As the account holder, I’ve accidentally deleted a message – what do I do?

Please contact withyou@triggerstuff.co.uk and we will look into whether or not we are able to retrieve the deleted message.

If we are unable to recover the audio then you will need to ask the individual to re-record the message.

Can I re-record my message?

You can always re-record your message whilst you’re on the phone by entering the # key.

If you have already left a message and hung up… Call the number again and leave a new message. Then get back in touch with your With You account holder, to let them know which message to use.

How will my friend receive their audio track and how will I know?

At the start of your registration you are able to select which of our partners your friend is admitted at. Once your audio track is complete, hit send and the track’s URL will automatically be emailed to the With You contact at the corresponding partner organisation – their care team will then open this unique URL onto a device and give it to your friend to listen to.

Once the track has been listened to, the account holder will receive a notification.

Is it free to use

We’ll be piloting the service from 07th December meaning WITH YOU will be entirely free to use, for both users and their respective care centres.

As this is a pilot your feedback and thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Feedback forms will be emailed to account users at the end of the pilot or, if you’ve left a message on the telephone system you can access the form here.

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