WithYou is created by Trigger.

We strive for inclusion in everything we do. This website meets level 2 of the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).  This page describes how we have designed WithYou to ensure that as many people as possible can access this service.


We write in plain English and avoid the use of technical jargon.

Global code

Our HTML code has been validated to ensure it is free of bugs and errors.


We have provided some keyboard shortcuts which may make using and navigating the site easier, especially if you are using any kind of assistive technologies.


All images used on this site have descriptive alt tags unless they are purely for decorative purpose.


We use headings to introduce new sections of content.


We use standard lists to encapsulate related collections of items so that assistive technologies are able to determine how many items are in any given list.


All links within the main body of the site are coloured blue and underlined to help identify themselves. The links can be skipped using the tab key.


All forms are keyboard navigable.


The homepage of this site includes animated images.

Colour contrast

The contrast ratio on all text is at least 4.5:1 and often greater. The text will scale up based on your browser preferences.

Mobile / touch

Every page has a responsive layout to ensure it works across a variety of different sized screens.

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